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Our tutorials are in French only. Please feel free to use them anyway.

Most of our tutorials use video clips.
The clips are of two types: regular YouTube videos and interactive Flash Media videos.
The latter clips use Macromedia's Flash module which the Ipad's Safari browser does not have. If you are using an Ipad, you might consider installing Puffin Browser (available through the AppStore).


At this time, our tutorials are of five categories:

  1. General topics:
    Tutorials regarding genealogical research.

  2. BK6:
    Tutorials pertaining to specific tasks to be accomplished using this popular software.

  3. Web tools:
    Tutorials showing how to use particular web sites.

  4. Misc documents:
    Documents you can consult with online.

  5. Charts you can print:
    Useful charts and tables you can print and use.

This classification might change as situation evolves.


Your suggestions:

You are welcome to send in your suggestions regarding a tutorial you would like to be added to our growing series. By clicking the link below, you will open your Email client and be asked to answer a few questions, and then send the message as you would do for any regulair email message.
Click here to send in your suggestion.

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Last update: 2013-03-06